Nutraceutical Technology

Using our patented, proven absorption technologies.

The actual genesis of Life Factor Research was to create a technology clearinghouse for the nutraceutical space, this was the organic concept from day one. Of course, we now it has evolved into a much larger picture however our roots are important to us and proprietary technologies are at the heart of most everything LFR is involved in today. For a list of our most current technologies, click here

The technologies that LFR is currently working with include the following:

Absorption and Bioavailability: It has been said “you are what you eat” which is not reality, a better way to say it would be “you are what your body can absorb and assimilate”. When it comes to high end nutraceutical products and compounds the joke has been about the expensive urine which sadly has a lot of truth connected to it.

LFR works with a number of technologies that can and are proven through scientific absorption studies to maximize this all important component to good health.

One Step Further…..

Additionally we take it one step further and would maintain that getting a compound past the digestive enzymes and into the bloodstream is not the end all be all that the industry would have you believe…the real game changer is getting these invaluable compounds and formulas past the individual cell walls.this is known a Solubility and is a technology that we are currently preparing to bring to the nutraceutical world for the very first time ever.

Mechanisms of Action: This is simply the ability to prove that what you are saying is actually happening at a scientific level and once again all roads lead to the science which is why we are so closely aligned with the kinds of individuals that can do the in-lab testing to prove beyond doubt how our product does what we are climbing it can and will do.

Delivery Mechanism: How one actually delivers a valuable compound into the body can and does have a tremendous effect on the overall  outcome. This is precisely why we have an assortment of delivery mechanisms for all of our products and sometimes more than one for the same product.

These methods include: Capsules, Tablets, Soft Jells, Powders  Sublingual, Bucosal, Olfactory, Transdermal, Patches, Drinks, Shots, Etc

Proprietary Compounds and Formulas: Because of the team assembled and the relationships that result we are most fortunate to have agreements in place that give us the exclusive world-wide rights to compounds that by their very nature are a semi-technology by themselves. These are products not in the market but well on there way that will be extremely disruptive and highly profitable due to the exclusive nature in which they were conceived

"Absorption Technology defines the value of your product"

Various ingredients can require specific absorption technologies to deliver the best result.


FOOD GRADE SURFACTANT EMULSIFIERS What are Food Grade Surfactant Emulsifiers? “FGSE’s” Sub-micron emulsions are key components in many nutritional supplements, food, beverages, skin care and cosmetics. The products are elegant, food-safe, easy-to-use emulsifiers to make water-soluble, clear and stable emulsions of oils, such as vegetable oil, MCT oil or CBD. The simple and fast application…


ABSORPTION AND BIO-UTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY The C-Type process is an outgrowth of previous generations of lipid engineering and liposome delivery technologies. It results in a testable process which allows for superior quantified serum nutrient measurements in controlled clinical research settings. The C-Type technology and its actual advanced absorption measurements have been compared analogously to the efficiency…


ABSORPTION AND BIO-UTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY Proprietary next generation cellular absorption and metabolism technology. Used in product development for increased bioavailability and especially for complex difficult structured chemical compounds which require specific micro-level chemical engineering on an individualized basis for transdermal applications and oral digestive tract survival. SPECIFIC PRODUCT EXAMPLES CBD transdermal high-absorption preparations as natural safe…

Thank you for your interest in the exclusive Life Factor Research products, technologies and distribution. We have a number of options available to you and your organization all of which have been designed to enhance your current offerings as well as any new concepts.

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