Bioavailability Technology

Using our patented, proven absorption technologies.


FOOD GRADE SURFACTANT EMULSIFIERS What are Food Grade Surfactant Emulsifiers? “FGSE’s” Sub-micron emulsions are key components in many nutritional supplements, food, beverages, skin care and cosmetics. The products are elegant, food-safe, easy-to-use emulsifiers to make water-soluble, clear and stable emulsions of oils, such as vegetable oil, MCT oil or CBD. The simple and fast application…


ABSORPTION AND BIO-UTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY The C-Type process is an outgrowth of previous generations of lipid engineering and liposome delivery technologies. It results in a testable process which allows for superior quantified serum nutrient measurements in controlled clinical research settings. The C-Type technology and its actual advanced absorption measurements have been compared analogously to the efficiency…


ABSORPTION AND BIO-UTILIZATION TECHNOLOGY Proprietary next generation cellular absorption and metabolism technology. Used in product development for increased bioavailability and especially for complex difficult structured chemical compounds which require specific micro-level chemical engineering on an individualized basis for transdermal applications and oral digestive tract survival. SPECIFIC PRODUCT EXAMPLES CBD transdermal high-absorption preparations as natural safe…

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