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Distribution with Life Factor Research

Life Factor Research creates products that cannot be found elsewhere. Our product concept, patents and scientific studies are 100% exclusive to Life Factor Research and our selected distribution partners

Distribution Networks:

At Life Factor Research we believe our  greatest contribution to the high end Nutraceutical Industry is the distribution relationships we have managed to assemble as a result of our decades of collective experience in the industry. Because of these established relationships and the resulting trust we have built up, it is our privilege and honor to work with some of the brightest and innovative creators in the industry.

The LFR Distribution Model is designed around the concept of identifying and then forming a relationship with patent holders, proprietary IP and natural compound owners, exclusive formulation owners, and in some cases complete finished products and lines of products. A core competency of ours is to take all of the above and monetize them through our network of established distribution channels. This is accomplished through licensing agreements and mitigates any and all risks to our clients and ourselves through the lack of need for creating inventory, fulfillment, advertising costs and the like.

Experience has proven time and time again that great stories are needed to market great products and given the team we have assembled and the countless products that team has represented we have developed and taken “Great Story Telling” to a new level. We believe that the end result of a well constructed  story of a proprietary product will be what we term as “consumer advocacy”.  

Consumer Advocacy is really quite simple: It is created an emotion in the listener that triggers a need in them to convey what they have heard to others, in short in almost rises to the level of a “moral obligation” to tell as many as possible of this new found discovery. This emotional “consumer advocacy” response is the very thing that billions of dollars are spent each year in the advertising industry to try and create.

Distribution Channels: Once again through the decades of relationship building and through many of our past accomplishments in the Nutraceutical arena we have a never ending list of established distribution partners.  These partners can and will market a single product, a line of products, add a technology to existing products, sell a formula that we provide, buy a proprietary ingredient or compound to manufacture with, participate in sharing a patent.

List of Potential Partner: Contract Manufactures, eCommerce Platforms, Direct Sale/Network Marketing Industry, Affiliate Markets, Established Nutraceutical Companies, Retail outlets, Big Box Stores and an array of Global entities with their particular methods per country of origin

Thank you for your interest in the exclusive Life Factor Research products, technologies and distribution. We have a number of options available to you and your organization all of which have been designed to enhance your current offerings as well as any new concepts.

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