Proprietary Formulations

Revolutionary products that are without peer.

Exclusivity with Life Factor Research

Life Factor Research creates products that cannot be found elsewhere. Our product concept, patents and scientific studies are 100% exclusive to Life Factor Research and our selected distribution partners

There are two great differentiators at Life Factor:

The first is Synergistic Formulation which combines two principles:

  1. The scientific understanding how the 11 systems of the body work in unison and formulating products within the proven scientific guidelines mandated by these principles.
  1. The scientific understanding of how certain compounds will produce exponentially better results when combined with complimentary compounds.

As simple as this might sound upon reading it is anything but and once understood it results in products without peer.

The second Life Factor difference addresses the coming paradigm shift in the nutraceutical arena which states: It is not the amount of active ingredients listed on the label that matters, the only metric that truly creates results is the percentage of those ingredients that are bioavailable and actually absorbed into your system.
Life Factor uses patented and patent pending technologies in all formulations to enhance absorption and bioavailability thus insuring desired results.

Thank you for your interest in the exclusive Life Factor Research products and technologies  We have a number of options available to you and your organization all of which have been designed to enhance your current offerings as well as any new concepts.

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