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Exclusivity with Life Factor Research

Life Factor Research creates products that are based on proprietary ingredients, technologies, delivery mechanisms and testing making them truly stand alone in the marketplace. Our product concepts and patents are 100% exclusive to Life Factor Research and our selected distribution partners.

There are three main guiding principles at the core of Life Factor Research:

Synergistic Formulation:

Synergistic Formulation is the unique understanding of how the 11 systems of the body work in unison and formulating products within the proven scientific guidelines mandated by these principles. It combines this with the scientific understanding of how certain compounds will produce exponentially better results when combined with complimentary compounds. Synergistic Formulation results in products that the body accepts, appreciates and maximizes in efficacy.

Absorption and Bio-Assimilation:

Life Factor Research addresses the coming paradigm shift in the nutraceutical arena which states: It is not the amount of active ingredients listed on the label that matters, the only metric that truly creates results is the percentage of those ingredients that are bioavailable and actually absorbed into your system at the cell level.  

There are powerful advertising misconceptions concerning this issue and over the last couple of years the term bioavailable has been overused and misused as it depicts the concept of getting natural compounds into the bloodstream with the belief that this is the “holy grail” of efficacy. In truth it is the first step, you must be able to defeat the intestinal tract digestive enzymes and get to the blood stream but the real differentiator is the compound being delivered at the cell level and actually penetrating key cell walls for maximum long term benefit. At Life Factor Research we have this scientifically proven technology and make it available for key distribution partners.

Delivery Mechanisms:

Lastly,  another key component of high end nutraceuticals is the delivery mechanism used to actually ingest or apply the product. Understanding this key component is invaluable and something easily proven in the tests that we conduct prior to bringing a product to market. Making pills and capsules is easy which is why the overwhelming majority of products come in that form. However when you move to the bucosal, transdermal, sublingual or nasal olfaction delivery mechanisms dosing, formulation and manufacturing take a giant step in the direction of added complication and potential time and cost, all things that we are able to mitigate with our experience and manufacturing partnerships

As simple as this might sound upon reading it is anything but and once understood it results in products without peer.

As simple as this might sound upon reading it is anything but and once understood it results in products without peer.

Thank you for your interest in the exclusive Life Factor Research products, technologies and distribution. We have a number of options available to you and your organization all of which have been designed to enhance your current offerings as well as any new concepts.

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