Food Grade Surfactant Emulsifiers

What are Food Grade Surfactant Emulsifiers? “FGSE’s”

Sub-micron emulsions are key components in many nutritional supplements, food, beverages, skin care and cosmetics. The products are elegant, food-safe, easy-to-use emulsifiers to make water-soluble, clear and stable emulsions of oils, such as vegetable oil, MCT oil or CBD. The simple and fast application of proprietary emulsifiers allows for creating high-quality emulsions at any volume.

  • Examples for supplements: tinctures, liposomes, tablets, capsules, superfoods, nutraceuticals, cannabinoid (CBD)
  • Examples for food: jellies, CBD gummies, sweets, cookies, soups, purees, cakes, fortified products, superfoods
  • Examples for beverages: sodas, teas, CBD infused water, coffee, dairy, juices, beer, spirits and liquors
  • Examples for skin care: creams, CBD lotions, gels, aqueous dispersions, cosmeceuticals


There is so much to consider when selecting the best possible ingredients, besides their properties and effects. When users look for natural ingredients, they want actives that are good for them and good for the environment. It is then our job as scientists and formulators to find ingredients that satisfy these requirements. The consumer might not be aware of possible solutions or limitations, but we as formulators need to be. In this way, you can flaunt labels with ingredients that are good for consumer health, good for the environment and good for those involved in product development. And, this is certainly a great formula for success that will long outlive any trend and any misinformation out there.

Much ingredient selection is driven by misinformation and bad scientific interpretation. People don’t differentiate between anecdotal and actual scientific evidence efforts to disperse this science phobia and sharpen consumers’ critical assessment skills. For example, sometime synthetic ingredients are a better choice for safety, sustainability. Focused on what products offer – the things that actually matter. Choosing ingredients for your products is no easy feat. Being subjected to incredible amounts of information and mis-information, makes it difficult to find science-driven avenues to pursue. Critical thinking skills must be used like never before to weed out common anecdotes and misconceptions from actual scientific evidence.


  • excellent bioavailability
  • clear emulsions
  • great taste
  • high stability
  • food / pharma grade
  • proprietary emulsifier formulation
  • high active ingredient loading
  • clear appearance
  • micro sized, water-soluble liquids, e.g. CBD
  • liposomal formed emulsions

Emulsify Almost Anything

Make stable emulsions of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, terpenes), curcumin, resveratrol, vitamins to act as carriers for optimal bioavailability, maximum performance and best health benefits!

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