Restorative Sleep

The Cornerstone of Health

Quality restorative and deep level sleep with all the healthy “sleep waves” necessary requires several systems in the body to be properly fueled and harmonizing together just like instruments in an orchestra. Our Systematic Formulation philosophy considers this basic principle regarding these integrated physiologic systems in all our formulation development and bioavailability technologies to deliver the correct fuels in the right amounts where needed.

The immune system must be working properly for nighttime detoxification processes to be carried out.  

LFR utilizes immune modulating nutrients to accomplish this such as bioavailable curcuminoids and the raw nutrients to produce glutathione for the liver.

The endocrine system requires the ability to adapt to the stresses experienced during the day;  

LFR blends adaptogenic herbs and other nutrients such as rhodiola rosea to bring about this ability to deal with these stress challenges before the head hits the pillow!

The musculo-skeletal system requires freedom from inflammation in order to relax.  

LFR combines phytochemicals to prevent and reduce inflammatory processes to prevent soreness and musculo-skeletal-joint/connective tissue pain.

And neurotransmitters produced during the nighttime hours are necessary to maintain restful brain function and specific wave forms

LFR includes precursors as the raw materials to feed this ongoing natural chemical factory process in our body, such as serotonin and melatonin pathways. A great deal of “system repair work” occurs during sleep and therefore waking up refreshed depends on all systems communicating and working together for that goal.

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