Balanced Skin Care

Life Factor, has formed a research, development and exclusive distribution relationship with two  emerging stem cell biotechnology companies utilizing patented stem cell, peptide and proprietary delivery mechanisms for skin cell renewal and eradicating several dermatological conditions.

Utilizing peptides and signaling molecules that are delivered to deeper dermal layers where stem cells divide with the ability to repair and remodel surrounding tissue. This allows communication and instruction for the person’s own stem cell replication and benefit.

This results in more youthful, elastic and healthy skin, with renewed collagen, not merely in appearance. Skin cells renew about every 30 days and must be replaced. At a deep level, these high absorption topicals enable skin to look and feel younger and enjoy an extended and improved quality of cell life. Hence the tagline “The Science of Youth.”

This signaling technology has been developed by a stem-cell science and research team at labs in America (Cedars Sinai Medical Center) and in Scandinavia (Lund University in Sweden).

The stem cell experts at Life Factor’s biotechnology partner labs have been actively developing transdermal cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals for therapeutics and other related technology targets.

  • Stem cell signaling peptides
  • Therapeutic peptide combinations
  • Change cell behavior
  • Promote skin repair
  • Peptide nanotechnology
  • Advanced vehicles for delivery
  • Access to deeper skin layers
  • Anhydrous compounds to maintain stability

Life Factor utilizes patented stem cell signaling technology that naturally directs the individual’s deep dermal cells to increase glycoprotein production and remodel itself according to a more youthful cellular blueprint.

Our research and development goal is to create affordable ways to experience youthful skin renewal, add firmness and skin density and heal from years of solar damage and aging.

Product technology

This product technology was developed by an eminent stem cell and immunology scientist with extensive research background at institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Cedars Sinai and Lund University in Sweden.

Utilizing patented proprietary absorption and stem-cell signaling peptide technologies *

Targets deep dermal layers where new cells are generated which travel to the surface.

  • For increased elastin and collagen production, cellular renewal, resulting in increased elasticity of skin, lessening of wrinkles and more youthful skin cells, not merely a short-lived appearance of improvement.

Product options - all hypoallergenic

  • Day Cream
  • Night Moisturizer
  • Eye Renewal Serum
  • Brightener
  • Cleanser and Toner
  • Daily renewal body lotion/ moisturizer
  • (Seasonal - with and without a natural non-toxic sunblock)

The proof is in the experience - As facial lines diminish a more youthful glow steps forward.

Thank you for your interest in the exclusive Life Factor Research products, technologies and distribution. We have a number of options available to you and your organization all of which have been designed to enhance your current offerings as well as any new concepts.

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