Advanced Transdermal Absorption and Bio-Utilization Technology

Proprietary next generation cellular absorption and metabolism technology.

Used in product development for increased bioavailability and especially for complex difficult structured chemical compounds which require specific micro-level chemical engineering on an individualized basis for transdermal applications and oral digestive tract survival.


  • CBD transdermal high-absorption preparations as natural safe analgesic therapy for overall joint, cartilage, muscle, inflammation and pain
  • Sleep and anti-anxiety/stress, adaptogen, recovery, glutamate/GABA metabolism and balance
  • Cognitive function – nutraceutical formulations to support neurotransmitter availability for focus, memory storage and recall, inhibitory control, working memory, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, executive brain function
  • Energy and Metabolism – mitochondrial support and microbiome support related to mitochondrial metabolism and the gut brain axis
  • Stem-cell signaling technology product formulations for skin – Utilizing proteins and signaling molecules that are delivered to deeper dermal layers where stem cells divide. This allows communication and instruction for the person’s own stem cell replication and benefit. More youthful, elastic, and healthy skin, with renewed collagen, not merely in appearance. Skin cells die about every 30 days and must be replaced. This proprietary signaling technology was developed by a leading PhD stem-cell scientist researcher and team at labs in America and Scandinavia

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