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Understanding testosterone status can be important and confusing at the same time for those who are not familiar with or have not had tests.  Life Factor Research recognizes that testosterone is one of the strongest signaling molecules in the male body.  Beginning between age 25-30, most men’s testosterone levels begin to decline starting at an average of about one percent every year.  It is not uncommon to find that many men will have only 20% to 30% remaining of youthful testosterone levels by age 60 to 70 years.

This drop off is devastating to youthfulness for several reasons.  Declining testosterone levels effect serious and significant metabolic shifts throughout all organ systems of the body.  This steroidal hormone is essential for maintaining vibrant function of EVERY aspect of physiology – including, but not limited to, cognitive ability, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal tissue integrity, blood glucose regulation, increased muscle mass and the increased ability to metabolize “burn” adipose tissue – FAT, for energy!  Overall, maintaining optimum testosterone levels results in overall improved health and well-being and increased energy. As has been stated – “men only feel as old or youthful as their testosterone levels.” Testosterone status is a key to longevity and requires the coordination of the body’s systems and biochemical pathways.   (note Prostarom information).

Therefore, lab testing can be an important way to determine where T levels stand.  Our formulations are designed to address these issues and to correct imbalances wherever they are found in proper level testing.

Total T or Free T: Which is the Better Test for Androgen Deficiency?

When considering a workup for low testosterone, weigh the utility of different biomarkers.

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