Testosterone Support

Testosterone is one of the strongest signaling molecules in the male body.  Beginning between age 25-30, most men’s testosterone levels begin to decline starting at an average of about one percent every year.  It is not uncommon to find that many men will have only 20% to 30% remaining of youthful testosterone levels by age 60 to 70 years.  This drop off is devastating to youthfulness for several reasons.  Declining testosterone levels effect serious and significant metabolic shifts throughout all organ systems of the body.

This steroidal hormone is essential for maintaining vibrant function of EVERY aspect of physiology – including, but not limited to, cognitive ability, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal tissue integrity, blood glucose regulation, increased muscle mass and the increased ability to metabolize “burn” adipose tissue – FAT, for energy!  

Overall, maintaining optimum testosterone levels results in overall improved health and well-being and increased energy.

As has been stated – “men only feel as old or youthful as their testosterone levels.”

Testosterone status is a key to longevity and requires the coordination of the body’s systems and biochemical pathways.   (note Prostarom information)

Endocrine System Coordination

Testosterone production is part of both the male reproductive and endocrine systems and is secreted in the Leydig cells of the testes. This ingredient formulation stimulates production in these cells naturally and effectively.

Nightime Sleep Release

Since most testosterone release in men occurs during nighttime sleep, sleep fragmentation has a profound influence on reduced testosterone levels. Our formulation philosophy considers this issue by recommending our comprehensive sleep ingredients to support our testosterone product benefits. This is essential because in older men, morning testosterone levels are partly predicted by total sleep time. Testosterone is critical in male sexual behavior and reproduction, but also has important beneficial effects on muscle mass and strength, adiposity, bone density, and vigor and well-being.

Testorom produces the best possible supportive results with proprietary ingredients and bioavailability technologies for men dealing with low testosterone leading to many chronic degenerative conditions of aging.

Testorom used along with our unique ocean sourced natural prostate complex is a combination unlike anything available for men’s youthful vitality and energy.

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