The Team

Cliff Layton
Founder and CEO
Cliff Layton

Mr. Layton has worked in the nutraceutical community for more than 35 years, primarily as a consultant to business start-ups, management teams, and IPO’s. His expertise in understanding the unique challenges facing manufacturing and distribution in this space gives Mr. Layton specialized insight into identifying the optimal and most productive solutions. He is best known by his peers as being part of the team that brought the first “Super Juice” to America in 1995 reaching sales of over $50 Million per month in 78 countries within 4 years. Mr. Layton was also the co-founder of Natures Balance, one of the first proven and successful lines of nutraceutical solutions sold on a broad scale over the internet. As the Founder of Life Factor Research, he has assembled an outstanding team and network of highly skilled individuals unmatched in the natural medicine space.

Dr. Steven Petrosino
Chief Science Officer
Dr. Steven Petrosino

Dr. Petrosino has and extensive career in health and wellness. His expertise as a field scientist in Pharma, training doctors, working with clinical trials, in addition to advocating high quality nutraceuticals throughout his career makes him an Ideal addition to the Life Factor Research Team. Dr Petrosino oversees our clinical studies, pilot studies and publications.

Overview of qualifications:
• 35 years Pharma Experience (1986-present)
• 21 years Biologics Experience (2000-present)
• 21 years experience as a Medical Science Liaison and Clinical Scientist (2000-present)
• 26 years experience in the rheumatology space. (Attended ACR 1995-present; EULAR 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015; EuroLupus 2012)
• Medical writing, editing and publishing experience
• Life cycle management experience with oncology products for both hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.
• Life cycle management experience with rheumatology, dermatology, hematology, and gastroenterology biologic products for RA, PsO, PsA, CD, and UC.
• Management designate associate (Aventis)
• 29 years Management experience as a senior officer (Lt. Col.) in the US Marine Corps (1975-2004)
• 35 years experience developing KOL (Key Opinion Leader) relationships in rheumatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, oncology, hematology, urology, and dermatology in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, and eastern Canada. (1986-present)
• 26 Years Experience developing TL relationships in rheumatology, including long-term rheumatology and nephrology thought leader relationships at the University of Michigan, Henry Ford, University of Rochester, UPMC, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Kentucky, Indiana University, and the Cleveland Clinic.
• 4 years Oncology Experience (Aventis, Centocor, and Incyte)
• 21 years experience as an MSL in Biotech Immunology (Remicade, Simponi, Stelara, Benlysta, Orencia)

Robert Moore
Director of Product Research
Robert Moore

Mr. Moore has about 40 years’ experience as a researcher specializing in the fields of health and R&D for nutraceutical product development and manufacturing. Since 1980 he has conducted Ovid-Medline database research at UT Southwestern medical school for professors, researchers, physicians, private practice, Carrington Labs, and others. Mr. Moore has also done research and product development formulation for Mannatech Inc. and many other nutraceutical companies and manufacturing labs. He received degrees from Texas Tech and Baylor, and studied at Dallas Seminary.

Richard Waage
Director of Product Formulations
Richard Waage

Richard is owner and operator of Nature’s Corner, a successful health food and nutrition center that has served the greater central valley area of California for over 40 years. His responsibilities included end-to-end management of the retail and wholesale supply chain, overseeing sales activities, financial structuring and re-cords, and inventory management. During his time as owner and operator, Nature’s Corner has experienced the greatest growth year-over-year the company has seen for 9 consecutive years. Richard has an extensive history serving the community as a volunteer in the VA hospital. Richards vast knowledge in nutraceutical ingredients and formulation in addition to his experience in B2C sales make him a valuable asset to Life Factor Research.

Shawn Layton
CFO - Director of Corporate Development
Shawn Layton

As executive vice president and chief financial officer, Shawn Layton is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. He also oversees and manages the human resources and corporate activities. His career spans 20 plus years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy. Prior to joining Life Factor, Shawn founded and operated his private financial advisory practice head quartered in the Puget Sound and has enjoyed decade long relationships with several high level CEO’s in the Seattle area. Earlier in his career, Shawn held senior-level positions in both investment and mortgage companies where his ability to form long term relationships in the business community proved to be his greatest asset. Shawn holds Series 66 and 7 licenses in the financial arena as well as a Life Insurance license.

The Life Factor Research International Scientific Advisory and Formulation Team

This section is under construction. There are six more international doctor bios to be added in the coming weeks.

From the start, Life Factor Research has sought the most talented industry experts, world-class formulators, dedicated technical team members, and seasoned research scientists, with one goal in mind and that being the finished products we create. Our obsession with exclusive one-of-a-kind solutions that result in lasting benefit for the user is an unremitting focus on pushing our internal capabilities and expanding our partnerships.

We deliver unparalleled product solutions, translating the creative brilliance of our product innovation team into viable nutraceutical products thanks to the exceptional talents the team of scientists we have been able to assemble.

These efficacious solutions will expand your vision, inspire your thinking, and grow your brand and business.

To make the best products, you need the best people
Dr. David Harris, D.O.
Board Member
Dr. David Harris, D.O.

Dave Harris, DO is a physiatrist practicing medicine in Southern Oregon at Evergreen Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation and a very welcome and valuable addition to the Life Factor Research and International Formulation Team.  Dr. Harris has a strong belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when provided with the right nutrients and circumstances, a passion that he exemplifies on a daily basis. In his practices, he strives to blend traditional and non-traditional therapies to maximize patient outcomes for sports-related, neurological, and chronic pain injuries.  Prior to medical school, he worked in the nutraceutical industry doing laboratory testing on raw materials and finished products which has served as a foundational tenant in his professional life today.  He is currently doing research on other holistic treatments including the effectiveness of stellate ganglion blocks for complex PTSD as well as assisting this board in the formulation of other life changing products soon to see the market.

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D.O.A. T. Still University of Health Sciences, Kirksville, MO 2007

B. S.Weber State University, Ogden, UT 2002



Intern,Capitol Region Medical Center, Jefferson City, MO 2007-2008



PhysicalMedicine and Rehabilitation, University of Missouri-Columbia 2008-2011

OsteopathicManipulative Medicine, ATSU 2004-2005


Alton-HinksScholarship Award, ATSU 2004

Still-BrightAcademic Scholarship Award, ATSU 2002

Dean’sList, Weber State University 2001

Dean’sList, University of Utah 1998


SpineIntervention Society

AmericanAcademy of PM&R (AAPMR)

AmericanOsteopathic College of PM&R (AOCPMR)

AmericanMedical Association (AMA)

AmericanOsteopathic Association (AOA)


Director, PainClinic, Providence Health and Services (PHS) 2015-2020

Director,Physiatry Clinic, Providence Health and Services 2017-2020

PrimaryCoordinator, Physiatry Grand Rounds, PHS 2017-present

Non-surgicalspecialist, Spine Team, PHS 2015-present

Director,Brain Injury Program, Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital 2013-2015

Treasurer,Sedgwick County Osteopathic Medical Society 2013-2015

Boardof Managers, Precision Surgical Center 2012-2015

ChiefResident, University of Missouri–Columbia PM&R program 2010-2011

GraduateMedical Education Committee, U of Missouri PM&R 2010-2011

NationalExecutive Board Secretary ACOFP—SA 2004-2005

Dr. Ba Hoang, M.D., Ph.D.
Board Member
Dr. Ba Hoang, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Ba Hoang M.D. PhD is currently a Senior MedicalResearch Associate at the Keck School of Medicine of the University ofSouthern California (USC), where he is working with a team of scientists at theNimni-Cordoba Tissue Engineering and Drug Discovery Laboratory. Dr. Ba is also currently collaborating with the PulmonaryResearch Group at Basel University in Switzerland for research and developmentof innovative approach to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease.

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Dr. Ba received his M.D. and PhD from St. PetersburgMedical Academy in 1990 and worked as a pediatric hematologist in St.Petersburg Children Hospital in Russia. He was awarded a fellowship by SwedishPharmacy Research Foundation for his work on the field of clinical allergology.

In 1996, Dr. Ba was granted a United State visa for aperson with extraordinary ability in science. His work “uses naturalmolecules to regulate cell energy metabolism … the major breakthroughdiscoveries have already shown positive effects in both preclinical andclinical applications” according to USC’s Associate Professor Bo Han andProfessor Marcel Mimni of the Department of surgery of Keck school of medicineof USC.

Dr. Ba uses 40 years of scientific research anddevelopment to blend scientific Western and natural Easternmedicines. He learned about the medicinal power of herbs from hisgrandfather, a revered and widely respected folk healer. His family generationsof doctors has been able to create integrated medicine formulas that produceexcellent results for difficult and chronic health disorders such asasthma, emphysema, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic viralinfections, auto-immune disorders, gout, chronic glomerulonephritis, ITP,diabetes, neuropathy, and primary childhood immune deficiencies.


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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